Advanced Digestive Probiotic for Dogs and Puppies – 60 soft chews

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60 Soft Chews suitable for dogs from 4 months of age.
The Soft chews are ideal for helping to maintain a healthy gut and can be given daily as a treat or with food.

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advanced digestive probiotic chews



Broadreach Nature’s Advanced Digestive Probiotic for Dogs are wheat free and veterinary strength.
These Advanced digestive probiotic soft chews support and balance the total GI environment in your dog’s gut. So they are great to give daily to help maintain a healthy, balanced gut. Designed to make helpful bacteria go through the complete GI tract and give the best gut balance.

Broadreach Nature’s Advanced digestive probiotic help in maintaining normal GI function. Promoting the best GI health is important in helping general health in pets.


Do not exceed double the daily amount in a 12 hour period.

Store in a cool, dry place. Fresh drinking water should always be available.

digestive probiotic chews
digestive probiotic chews


What if my pet’s diet doesn’t have enough probiotics? How can I help them?
Not enough can mean semi digested food. This semi digested food then gets into the bloodstream from the large intestine. This can lead to a serious health problem.

The benefits of probiotics?
Stimulates a healthy immune system – a good defence against potential pathogens. They also promote normal toileting.

Many advantages of PB6 found in Broadreach Nature’s Advanced digestive probiotic? – Because it contains 1 billion probiotics (Bacillus subtilis strain PB6) it survives through the whole GI tract. This creates the perfect stomach and intestinal balance. So this restores microbial balance in the gut. Tested for over a decade.

It’s shown to stay within the intestinal wall and can survive various pH ranges like stomach acids, bile salts.

digestive probiotic


Products that work well with Advanced Digestive Probiotic Chews for Dogs? –  This great product is also as part of our Probiotic Digestive Care for Dogs – Duo Pack. For a quick upset tummy fix, try Broadreach Nature’s Advanced Probiotics Digestive Support Paste for Dogs and Cats in either 15ml, 30ml or 60ml easy-to-use calibrated syringes. This Advanced Probiotic for Dogs and Cats maintains a healthy gut and restores the microflora and the soothing of the gut lining.

Some Guidance – We are always worried about what our dogs should and shouldn’t eat – take a look at this good article by Wood Green Animal Charity.


Daily Feeding Guide:
Do not exceed double the daily amount in a 12 hour period. Store in a cool, dry place. Fresh drinking water should always be available. Up to 9kg - 1 soft chew (2.4g) daily 10kg - 18kg - 2 soft chews daily 19kg - 35kig - 3 soft chews daily 37kg and over - 4 soft chews daily
Brewer’s Yeast, Glycerine, Potato Flake, Full Fat Linseed, Rape Seed Oil, Maltodextrin, Tapioca.
Nutritional Additives: (per kg): Prebiotics Fructooligosacharides (FOS) 16667 mg/kg Probiotic Bactus Subtilis (PB6) 1,000,000,000 CFU per 2 chews
Technological Additives:
Sensory Additives::
  • Natural Chicken Liver Powder and Bacon Powder.
Analytical Constituents::
Protein 15.5% Fat Content 12.4% Crude Fibres 2.4% Crude Ash 4.9% Moisture 21.5%
Daily Feeding Guide - For dogs over 12 weeks of age
Up to 9kg 1 Soft Chew Daily
10kg - 18kg - 2 Soft Chews Daily
19kg - 35kg - 3 Soft Chews Daily
37kg and over - 4 Soft Chews Daily

Please Note

If you notice any adverse reactions or deterioration in pets health discontinue use and contact your veterinary surgeon immediately. As with all supplementation, there may be a small chance of a negative reaction to any new supplement given, so please monitor this and follow the administrative guidelines.
  1. Susie, Cambridgeshire

    We have a 5 year old Border Collie who has had Diarrhea on and off all the time we have had her (3 years). Have the Probiotic Paste to give when she has Diarrhoea itself which helped reduce the amount of times it happened but she still had it now and again. The vets have done multiple tests but cannot find anything to cause this. Thought we would try the Probiotic Soft Chews after being told about them and in the 8 weeks we have noticed a difference. To see if it was the chews we left them out for a week and the poo, although not as runny as Diarrhoea, definitely went to a soft pile rather than well formed. Definitely staying with these!

  2. Amanda, Newport

    I have a 7 year old German Shepherd who has been raw food from a puppy and have the Probiotic Paste for Diarrhea as it seems to happen for no reason. Started using the chews to see if they would help and they are keeping him on an even keel. They are also enjoyed as a treat as he is fussy about treats so wasn’t sure he would eat them but he likes them which is good so he has 2 every day.

  3. Rita Brooks

    Jess is now a 5 year old rescue Border Collie and we have had her for 3 years now. Like all rescue animals the background is not usually known and any underlying health issues are not always obvious. Jess did not seem to have any underlying issues and still doesn’t have now but we have had various bouts of diarrhoea for no reason.
    Jess has not been a scavenger so on walks although she sniffs she does not hunt in the grass/undergrowth for anything unsavoury to eat. With having had 4 previous Collies we are experienced dog owners and know the risks with unknown foods and changing diets however these bouts of diarrhoea just happen. We did notice that they happened when she had her wormer and flea treatment but on other occasions there seemed nothing to link the occurrence.
    We visited the vet who did various tests and could not find anything wrong so it was decided that she just has a delicate digestion system. We have had the food the vet recommended along with other makes but still had the same issues. They also gave us a Probiotic Paste which solved the diarrhoea but wanted to try something which will help at a maintenance level.
    As we had found out that the Probiotic Paste from Broadreach is exactly the same as the one from the vet we keep that in the cupboard for worst case scenarios now. We also tried the Probiotic & Daily Fibre Care which did help to maintain a better healthy tummy however we still had issues when we had the worm and flea treatment to give. When these soft chews came into the range we thought we would try these as they could be given as a treat (we had cut everything out of Jess’s diet including treats unless they were 100% natural) so this meant Jess was able to have treats again. We saw an immediate improvement in the consistency of Jess’s poo and when it came to the next worm and flea treatments she had no adverse reaction to them with the consistency of poo staying firm.
    We have continued using the chews for approximately 3 months and to prove to ourselves that they did help about 6 weeks in we stopped them for a week and did see the poo becoming softer again. Now we are a few months down the road we have reduced the chews to a couple of times a week to see if this maintains enough of the ‘good’ ingredients.

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