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24/7 free vet advice line via video and chat!

Broadreach Nature have teamed up with PawSquad to offer 24/7 Veterinary Support.




If you are not already a member, sign up for a FREE membership account at checkout (remember to not use the guest checkout).
Then as a Broadreach Nature member you will be able to sign up to PawSquad and by clicking on the PawSquad banner on your ‘My Account’ page be able to access 24/7 Veterinary Advice.


It is free to find help when your pet is sick.

Already a member?

Login in to your account and click on the PawSquad banner found in your account page.

Thank You, for being a customer and becoming a member at Broadreach Nature! As a Broadreach Nature member it is free to find help when your pet is sick with our Vet Service in partnership with Pawsquad.


Broadreach Nature believe our customers and their pets deserve only the best and this is why we have teamed up with PawSquad to provide this service to all of our customers. This complementary service is provided with your ‘customer’ account for Broadreach Nature.


With the changes that are happening around the country again, in the form of local lockdowns and tighter restrictions, we wanted to reassure you that our partnership with PawSquad enables you to FREE access to Online Veterinary Support 24/7. 

The stress of getting veterinary advice during these uncertain times can be high. But with PawSquad easily available to our registered clients you can feel confident in having just such access.

Some of the great services that PawSquad offer include:

1. Emergency service (24/7)

Not sure what to do for the best in an emergency? Pawsquad’s vets are available 24/7 to help guide you, so your pets get immediate help when needed or avoid a stressful trip to the vets if it’s not. And you always have the reassurance of knowing you did the right thing. Free to Broadreach Nature customers.

2. Online Prescriptions

If your pet is not currently an active patient at a vet practice (i.e. not visited within the last 12 months) we may be able to provide an online prescription if they become unwell or need prescription-only antiparasite medicines. The written prescription is free and can be fulfilled at any online pet pharmacy.*

* This is a temporary government concession available during the Covid crisis to help pet owners maintain social distancing. You will need to pay the online pharmacy for the medicine itself and we may charge a consultation fee if this is not already covered by your plan.

3. General healthcare advice

Remember, PawSquad’s vets are not just available for when your pet is unwell. You can have a quick chat on any health or wellness topic you like. Whether that’s about puppy/kitten care, nutrition, exercise, parasite control, pet travel, senior screening tests, behaviour or any number of other things that might be concerning you.

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