Broadreach Nature Mascots

We try and use our own dogs and cats on our literature and product labels to honour them and as our Broadreach Nature Mascots. Read some of their stories below.


Meet Tiger

Meet Tiger the first of our Broadreach Nature Mascots, the much loved Family Pet and Broadreach Cat also shares his pride of place with Honey as our very special cat who we loved and cherished through all of his life till his passing in 2016. Both Honey and Tiger will be forever loved and remembered and have a special place in our hearts always.

Meet Honey

The second of our Broadreach Nature Mascots is Honey who is on most of our original product labels. She was owned by Anne since an 8 week old puppy and was a much loved family Pet and a very special dog to us at Broadreach. Although she passed in 2014 we wanted to honour her memory in having her on our product labels.

Meet Popcorn

Popcorn is one of our Broadreach Dogs that Anne Bred and has loved ever since. She loves her walks and joins us in the office, getting involved with whatever is going on and is always hoping for an extra treat!

Meet Mojo

Mojo is a Cockapoo that was bred by Anne and is shown in much of our product literature we produce. He is always bounding around which is why most of the shots of him are action ones. He is such a happy soul.

Broadreach Nature Mascot Mojo


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