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Daily Digestion and Health Adult Dog Food 50% Trout & Salmon

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A complete grain free pet food for dogs from 12 months old.



Our tasty 50% Trout & Salmon dog food with fish digest, sweet potato, asparagus, flaxseed, MOS and FOS is a highly digestible food that dogs love. A complete balanced food with added good fibre that is gentle on your dogs stomach.

A healthy Digestive System is essential to your Pets Wellbeing.

Did you know:

• Dogs and Cats can suffer with heartburn like we do
• Dogs and Cats are just as sensitive to getting food poisoning as we are
• Over 10% of Veterinary Visits are related to digestive issues
• That there is new information to suggest stress and worry can lead to digestive upsets
Facts taken from PetMd 27 Jan 2019 (Vet Authorised and Approved)

In general high quality ingredients are more digestible than those of low quality such as products that contain high amounts of cereals and artificial preservatives or additives.

The Digestive process allows the food eaten to provide nutrients to the body and get rid of waste.

That’s why at Broadreach Nature we have worked together with Nutritionists and other associated Professionals and Specialists to bring you a Range of Food to Support Digestion in Dogs and Puppies, Cats and Kittens.

“Prevention is better than Cure” as the saying goes and when it comes to Digestive Health this is never more important as it can have a direct effect on the overall health and wellbeing of your Pet.

Putting your Pet onto Broadreach Nature Daily Digestion & Health is а way of keeping your Pet at their best and providing them with the right support to help maintain their gut health and efficiency.


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  1. David Coombs

    We bought a bag of this food as well as a bag of the puppy food as Sasha is 9 months old so just coming up to starting to change to Adult and we want to do it gradually. She really loves the food and cant wait to get to the bowl when we put it down. She is looking so well on it too .

  2. Nia Prichard

    We started off with a small bag of this food to try and the 300g size is perfect for this. Having checked Millie will like it we then purchased a bigger bag and I am so delighted with the results. She is a much happier dog , she looks great and her digestive system has now settled down after trying so many other options that just didn’t help. I will definitely be coming back to buy more!

  3. Nia Prichard

    We have just bought our second bag of this food for our Frenchie who has been backwards and forwards to the vets for months trying to find the solution to her digestive and bowel problems. We have spent hundred of pounds at the vets and was recommended this food by Small Meadow Kennels. Since being on this food the difference is amazing!! I am so pleased and so is Millie. We will definitely be staying on this food now for sure.

  4. David Coombs

    We were given a bag of this at Crufts for the launch of this food and have since bought a bigger bag for our Sasha who is a border terrier cross. She really loves this food and its such good quality too.

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