Wild Scottish Venison Sausages for Dogs and Puppies

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100% Natural Wild Scottish Venison – 100g

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100% Natural All British Wild Scottish Venison Sausages

For Dogs or Puppies (over 4 months),

Air Dried Scottish Venison Sausages from the shoulder.

Low in Fat so great for dogs wanting to watch their weight but still enjoy a special treat or for dogs on a special low fat diet.

Ethically sourced from Scottish Estates where the Deer are free to roam.

These great treats/chews are not processed in any way and do not contain any bone.

Use for oral health and as  treats or chew.

Weight .1 kg


No Preservatives, additives, colours or sweeteners of any kind.

Composition: 100% Scottish Venison

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 84%, Oil and Fat 5%, Fibre 5% and Moisture 10%

Important to remember:

Treats should make up no more than 10% of a Dog or Puppy’s (over 4 months) daily diet.

All animals should be supervised when eating treats and chews.

Ensure there is always fresh water available.

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