Omega EFA Advanced Oil for Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens – 236ml

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236ml Omega 3 Oil – can be added daily to food. (Natural Fish Flavour)

Suitable for animals from 4 months of age


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Omega EFA Advanced Oil for dogs and cats helps support your pet’s Skin, Coat, Joint and Heart.

One of the most concentrated extra strength EPA and DHA levels  and versatile Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) Formulas Available.

Rosemary as an ingredient


Plus it is an Overall Wellness Supplement for body organs and tissues using an Advanced Extra Strength Formula. Omega EFA Advanced Oil is Developed by Vets and used by Vets in the UK.
For dogs and cats of all ages  to help support and maintain and optimum skin and coat which is lacking in shine or condition.
This is an amazing product which may also help support Joints too and overall body health.


This great products is just one of the great products in our Skin and Coat Care Range. You can find more products here. 

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Marine Lipid Concentrate 3000 mg – Supplying: Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 540 mg, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 360 mg, Phosphatidylcholine (From Lecithin) 20 mg, Zinc (as Gluconate) 2.3 mg

Marine Lipid Concentrate Supplying:
EPA / DHA – Long chain Omega-3 fatty acids that play a vital role in the inflammatory response and skin conditions.
Lecithin – Assists with fatty acid metabolism and the emulsification of fatty acids.
Zinc – Essential for normal skin function.
Biotin – Role in healthy formation of skin.
Rosemary Extract – Antioxidant and preservative.

Can be added twice daily to food. (Natural Fish Flavour)

Give with meals 1/2 teaspoon for each 10kg of body weight daily or as recommended by your Vet. Contains approximately 47 teaspoons per 236ml bottle.

Gradually introduce to your pets diet and increase levels over time to avoid GI upset or pancreatitis.
Studies show it may take up to 12 weeks for anti-inflammatory benefit when given at sufficiently high doses

Antihistamines for atopic patients
Chondroprotective agents for osteoarthritis

If you notice any adverse reactions or deterioration in pets health discontinue use and contact your veterinary surgeon immediately. As with all supplementation, there may be a small chance of a negative reaction to any new supplement given, so please monitor this and follow the administrative guidelines.

  1. ajhopewell

    One of my rescues was starting to show signs of joint issues so I started her on the Joint Soft chews about a year ago. These chews helped her and I have been monitoring her generally as we have been going on. Just recently I noticed that she was showing the similar signs again so I thought it was time to ‘go up a gear’ on the supplements. I chose to start the oil as it assists in various different ways and I thought maybe her coat would be less coarse and it could maybe help with her slight heart murmur.

    We started this about 7-10 days ago and already we have seen a difference. Her coat seems softer and yesterday on our walk where of late on the ‘track’ walk she may run with our other rescue 2 or 3 times she was running with him a good dozen times. Really pleased how she can move more freely on this oil – and we aren’t even giving the full dose for her weight! Great stuff!!

  2. Sue Flack

    As our 11 year old Border Terrier is now hypothyroid, deaf and has arthritis in her leg, we decided to find something natural to help with the arthritis once we had the thyroid under control.
    It’s a minefield out there in the dog supplement market so I was a tad daunted as to working out which product would work best for her.

    I contacted a few of the best sellers in the hope of learning more. To be honest the company who bent over backwards to offer brilliant advice and suggestions, was Anne Wood, at Broadreach. Not only did she suggest using the joint support, but she also suggested using Turmeric for its anti inflammatory properties and a high quality Omega 3 liquid in her food.

    Well, within a WEEK the joint swelling has gone. The heat in the joint has gone. She had become anxious because of her pain, and that has also stopped. She’s running around again and doesn’t limp any more!

    My little old lady is living her best life now and it’s all thanks to Anne and Broadreach.

  3. Karen Shaw

    I first came across this Omega Oil at Crufts 2, maybe 3 years ago. I was looking for something for Alfie as he was always itching and he was on Atopica from the Vets but wanted to find something which may help in addition to this, or even instead of. Since starting on the Omega Oil Alfie has not needed to be on the Atopica and the Vet had asked me about this but they are happy with him being on the oil. Occasionally Alfie gets dry patches and what I do is rub a little of the oil onto the dry patch and this soothes the patch so the oil is good both internally and externally for his itching.

    I will certainly be carrying on buying this oil.

  4. Liz and Loki

    Loki’s been off his medication for a month now and has been solely on the Omega liquid and he’s not been itching and his coat is gleaming and I’ve noticed less dander in it too. So I’m delighted!!! No more nasty drugs for my boy.

  5. Michelle Bain

    We have a rescue staffie called Tylor and you can really tell the difference with his coat when he is and isn’t using this product. I regret leaving it so long since my last order!

  6. Belinda

    I chanced across the Broadreach Nature+ site originally in 2016 when doing a search for a solution to my poor 5-year old GSD’s itching, flaky skin. On reading other customers’ testimonials, I ordered the Skin & Coat Oil which I started using immediately. After a couple of weeks’ use, the condition of Sasha’s coat had improved but she was still scratching and nibbling furiously at her skin. I contacted Anne for the first time and was pleasantly impressed at how approachable and understanding she was to Sasha’s problem. We discussed at length all the factors, lifestyle and diet-related, which could have been contributing to her itchy condition, and by process of elimination…and a few months of communication between us both…have now eradicated the problem which we have discovered is an intolerance to wheat and anything relating to grain. Now on the right diet and with the additional supplements, Sasha looks amazing – her coat is in fabulous condition, she has gained weight (she’d always been a little on the lean side, probably due to burning up so many calories with her constant scratching), and she’s a much happier, healthier and more relaxed dog.

  7. Anika Zalandauskaite

    My dog has been itchy for no obvious reasons. She did not have fleas or ticks, has been showered recently, and has not eaten anything that would trigger her allergies. Instead of taking her to the vet that would cost me hundreds, I decided to try this amazing Oil.
    After only a few days of taking this supplement, she stopped scratching entirely! It was easy to use too . Not only it helped with scratching, it got them excited for dinner every night. Their fur is shinier and best part is they don’t shed as much anymore. It’s amazing whatt his oils do! Highly recommended it! Even if your dog doesn’t have any problems, it’s for their good health!
    I received a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  8. Mrs L D Parker

    I purchased this for my bengal who has been licking herself on her tummy and hind legs so much that the skin is bare. Steroids definitely do the trick but I was reluctant to put her on medication yet again… If I could find a more natural remedy, I felt that would be much better. I have been putting 5 drops of the oil on her food each morning and there has been a noticeable improvement: she is not kicking so frantically and the bare skin is covered with a fine covering of fur. It is early days but I am feeling hopeful.

  9. Mr F A Lutfy

    I have a 1 year old short GSP that has been suffering from allergies and had been struggling to find something to help. I was recommended this by a friend and I have been extremely happy with the results. After only using for two weeks there are little to no signs of any allergic reactions and the dry patches of skin and constant itching are no longer present. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a dog suffering from the same symptoms. I will be placing this on a repeat order!

  10. GMR

    Having tried the vet’s treatments for our dog’s coat that had suddenly become dry and flaky in patches – eventually diagnosed as a yeast problem – we mixed this oil in the dog’s food. We used it at 2/3rd recommended dose and four weeks later it has made a significant improvement to the dog’s coat. I should say we are also using a very mild fungal/bacterial shampoo twice weekly. However the combination of the two is a noticeable improvement of the dog’s skin/coat. The taste is apparently not unpleasant when added to our dog’s feed and does not affect his appetite – we have ordered a further bottle.

  11. Johanne Smith

    hi, my toy poodle has suffered with a fungal infection for 2 years driving her and me to a point of distraction. I have been to the vets and they didn’t help us tried loads of products changed her food altogether has cost me a small fortune. your product has been our savour I cant thank you enough she is almost clear of this problem and she has only been taking the oil for a few weeks .thank you thank you .

  12. Sarah

    my cat is 17 years old and very small!
    I mixed 1ml with tuna last night and also the night before, only a little bit of tuna and this masks the smell from my cat (fussy!) and she eats it, tried putting in her food but she knew it was a different smell so didn’t touch it!
    After two days of using this product, I had noticed that she is not scratching so much, her outer ears used to be red raw where she had been scratching them so (been checked out by vet). Her ears are not red anymore!
    My cat has hay fever and this has helped a lot, so far so good, even after three days!
    Thank you very much.

  13. Robert

    seems to be sorting problems with skin and itching

  14. Karen R

    This is the second bottle I have ordered. Last year my dog a Lurcher x had a very bad allergy reaction her stomach was very sore looking she scratched so much she made her self bleed and her fur started to look thin. Visits to the vets resulted in steroid creams , tablets etc big bills and did not completely cure the condition. Through the winter months it seemed to disappear. This summer the scratching returned I noticed small patches of fur loss. I saw your product and thought I would give it a try before taking her to the vets again. Within a very short time the scratching had stopped I am so pleased as there is nothing worse then thinking your pet may be suffering. My only question is ,is it safe to give this product daily to my dog through out the year or should I give her a break in the winter months ? Once again thank-you it has definitely saved us a lot of money in vet bills !!!!!

  15. Katy Venvell

    Amazing really works x

  16. Sharon

    I am pleased with my purchase and after only using it for a short time have found a difference my two cats skin has improved they had dry flaky and scabby skin so thank you I am very pleased and I will be very happy to recommend this to family and friends

  17. Alyson Groves

    This is a fab product. My Lil fur baby has now stopped licking as much & her skin is much btr.
    Happy fur baby mummy 🙂

  18. Mss C Rea

    Excellent Product. My cats skin had a few scabs on her back and after five uses it almost completley went away. The vet had her on strong steroids which did not help at all. I would highly recommend this product.

  19. map

    This is very good and is great for itchy skin very pleased.

  20. Maz

    Got this oil for my 16 year old Bengal who was very miserable because of his itchy skin,,he couldn’t stop scratching pulling his fur out around his tail and back legs,he’s been having this oil twice a day for 2 weeks and he’s brilliant now,

  21. Kath Manion

    This product has been a great relief to my Belgian Shepherd who now has a lovely glossy coat and moves easier

  22. Ms L Sansom

    My Border Collie Murphy has been using this product for quite a while now and the improvement is incredible! He’s not itching anymore and his fur is beginning to thicken up again, just in time for winter! I’ve been incredibly impressed with the product, it’s easy to use and really does work a treat, would definitely recommend this to anyone!

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