Senior Care 7+ for Dogs and Cats – 90 sprinkle capsules

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90 capsules – can be given whole or opened and sprinkled into food (neutral chicken liver flavour). Suited to animals over the age of 7 years




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Senior Care Caps


Senior Care 7+ is designed to offer cognitive support and care for senior dogs and cats through a specialist formulation of ingredients. 90 Capsules – can be given whole or sprinkled into food.

Produced in pharmaceutical grade environment to GMP and ISO 9001 standards, using human grade ingredients that are non GMO and non irradiated. Manufactured in Great Britain.

Senior Care 7+ made with all natural ingredients
ashwagandha root ingredient


Choline – component of several major cell membrane lipids that are critical for normal cell membrane structure and function.
Withania somnifera (Ashwaganda) – has long been used in the traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine to enhance memory and improve cognition.
Inositol (B8) – supports cognitive function Saccharomyces cerevisiae (SC) – it may be most beneficial to weaning puppies, geriatric dogs, or those with inflammatory13 conditions because these populations may have unstable or undesirable gut microbiota populations or compromised immune systems.
Turmeric – well known and many studies already done for its anti inflammatory properties in helping with joint support, blood clots, helping the body in reducing excess cholesterol and heart issues. Curcumin stimulated bile production in the liver with aids digestion and helps break down dietry fats.
It also a powerful antioxidant Other studies showing promising results for promoting healthy brain activity in aging dogs. A study by NCBI showed it to be beneficial in clearing amyloid plaques in the brain associated with dementia.
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) is a co-enzyme for the synthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin, noradrenalin and dopamine.
Ginko biloba is a Neuro-protectant helping to block the effects of free radicals and beta amyloid on neurons. Ginko may also help increase blood flow (oxygen) to the brain counteracting hypoxia.


Senior Care 7+ is just one of our many Senior Care products for older pets

We have a whole range of products to help care for your older pets. Take a look at the range for cats here. And if you are after senior care support for dogs click here.



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  1. Ginny

    I have recently started feeding my 14 year old collie your senior care supplement, I have also been feeding her an oil supplement as her coat was very dry and she was always moulting. She now has an excellent coat and is full of vitality.

  2. H Smith

    Too soon to see any improvement but did a lot of research on this and other products so am confident I made right choice.

  3. Lauren R

    My old German Shepherd girl had a really rough time a couple of years ago. She was recently looking far beyond her real years. But adding this supplement to her diet has made a cracking difference. Instead of just lying sleeping all day, she now gets up to play with the boys, even if its only for 5 minutes, she’s UP. she seems more lively, and takes far more interest in everything. I do feel that this is almost like giving her another year of her life! , this has certainly made my dog feel closer to her puppy years, then her last years.

  4. Steve B

    It is important for your pets health to be strong when they get older, as at times their immunity can decrease and overall body function. These capsules are the perfect supplement to support their health to aid brain and organ function. With very natural ingredients these can be given at an earlier stage or at the senior stage to support your pet. Milk thistle is one of the main ingredients, as this is great for liver function whilst the antioxidants and vitamins help the immune system. The capsules are not big and are easy to give as you can put it in their food or open and sprinkle the contents over. I have a 6 year old pug and he is currently taking 2 capsules a day, one with his morning meal and one in the evening. I am pleased that he is getting what he needs as he enters the senior stage later on. For a heavier pet the dose needs to be increased. Less than 10kg is 2 capsules a day, 10-20kg is 3 capsules, 21-30kg is 4 capsules and 31-40kg is 5 capsules a day. I am very happy that I have this product! Do recommend to anyone wanting the support their pets health. Item perfectly as described.

  5. Michael

    My dog has been with me through thick and thin for the last 12 years; through college, getting married, having kids, getting divorced and so much more. Once he turned 10 I started to notice he was slowing down a bit and I wanted to do everything I could to give him an advantage and prolong his life as much as possible. When I saw this product I knew it was worth it to at least give it a try and see if it helped give him some of his youthful vigor back. He refuses to swallow pills so I just opened the pill and sprinkled it on his food, and it puts just a little more pep back in his step. Anything that makes that dogs life better is worth every penny to me.

  6. Mark Walters

    The capsules are easy to split open to scatter on our canny Lab’s food (he spat out the whole capsules) Early days yet but our 9 year old does seem to have more of a spring in his step

  7. Pen

    My 13yo collie has been on this for a couple of weeks now and I already notice an amazing difference – brighter and more alert and coat improving.
    Thank you.

  8. Mags

    Very good capsules sprinkled on food, our dog loves them!

  9. Lindsey K

    Amazing, amazing product. My 9 year old lab is like a puppy again! Virtually instant improvements in his energy and alertness. Brilliant.

  10. Alicia Jones

    My nearly 14 year old dog has been taking these for roughly a week now. she has a condition called MMM which is a muscle deaerating disease. Her muscles are virtually non existent and she falls/slips a lot because she doesn’t have any strength in her legs. she also has trouble going to the toilet. both different ways I am afraid. I sprinkle these in her food rather than her swallowing them as they are quite large but they are very easy to open the capsule. Since taking this product I have noticed she is slipping less and also her bowls seem to have evened out a bit. she should really have 2-3 of these a day for her size but I only give her 1 at the moment just to see how she reacted to it. she seems to be reacting fine and she has improved a lot so I I will be upping these to 2 a day. She didn’t seem to look at the tablet powder different or seem to smell it which is good as she is a very picky dog. overall I can see the improvement straight away and will be continuing these for a long time. I reviewed this product at a discounted price but I will be more than happy to pay the full price in the future.

  11. Amanda

    Before taking these vitamins my cat Ella (who is 16 years old and is taking medication for her kidneys) was particularly skinny and her coat had lost its softness and shine. We had been having difficulty getting her to eat as well so we also changed her food (though she still doesn’t eat very much). Since giving her the Senior Care Supplement her coat has improved noticeably – it is soft and healthy and she has put on weight. The only we way can really give her the supplement is by breaking it up and mixing the powder in with her food.

  12. Francie

    My two elderly cats have various ailments and don’t like the cold weather. I have been sprinkling a little of this in their food and the good news is they have eaten it up without suspicion. These capsules are full of good ingredients so l am sure they must be doing my cats some good. It won’t turn them back into kittens but if it helps make their movements a little bit easier then l am all for it. I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. I am happy to recommend these capsules , and l believe my cats would too if they could talk.

  13. Aidas

    Thanks my dog got more energy i do like product a lot !

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