Urinary and Calm Care Advanced for Cats and Kittens – 100 sprinkle capsules

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100 capsules – can be given whole or opened and sprinkled into food (liver flavour)
Suitable for cats from 6 months of age



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Urinary Care Advanced For Cats contains advanced specialist ingredients in a Veterinary Formulation, developed, approved and used by Vets in the UK.
An advanced formula for Urinary Care in cats which helps support the very sensitive and unique way a cat’s brain works to help maintain and support the Urinary system and promotes calming.
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Urinary Care Advanced For Cats veterinary formulation includes a concentrated combination of N Acetyl D Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid, L Tryptophan, Quercetin and L Theanine

Suitable for Cats of all ages.



How do I know if my cat is suffering from Cystitis? There are a number of possible causes for Cystitis so it is important to consult your veterinary surgeon, Cystitis is often associated with the following signs:

  • Difficulty and/or pain when trying to urinate
  • An increase in the frequency of urination, but only producing small amounts each time
  • Blood in the urine


An increasing number of Cystitis cases are said to be ‘Idiopathic’ which means not associated with a medical cause. This commonly occurs in cats which have an exaggerated response to stress.

Possible stress factors could include:

  • moving home
  • building work
  • Car travel to boarding
  • Veterinary Stay
  • Inter-Cat conflict, for example in multiple cat households
  • New arrivals in the home i.e. pets or people
  • Reduced access to outdoors


Urinary Care Advanced For Cats







Weight 0.06 kg



First Two Weeks:

3kg 1 capsule per day

3kg 2 capsules per day

3kg 1 capsule every other day

3kg 1 capsule every other day day

Ace Ingredients:
N-Acetyl D Glucose 99%, L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Quercetin, Hyaluronic Acid

Please Note:
If you notice any adverse reactions or deterioration in pets health discontinue use and contact your veterinary surgeon immediately. As with all supplementation, there may be a small chance of a negative reaction to any new supplement given, so please monitor this and follow the administrative guidelines.

  1. Deborah Vallis

    I have a 13 year old cat that has started needing some urinary support so I purchased the Broadreach, Urinary Care and Calming Supplement to see if could help her. Within a couple of days I noticed a big improvement in her. I can highly recommend this product.

  2. Jenn

    It really helped my cat she had cystitis. I sprinkled it on her wet food and she ate it all with no trouble

  3. Woowoo

    My cat has been on these supplements for almost a month now. What a change. She is so much better. She had started over grooming because of bladder crystals. I had tried felaway but it didn’t seem to help. She had become so stress because she smelt of urine which was making everything worse. After a wk of being on these I could see a difference. Now almost a month and her fur is growing back and no over grooming now. She seems back to her old self. Would highly recommend

  4. A Parlour

    Stopped my cat from urinating all over the house after getting many urinary infections. Seemed to calm the bladder. Money well spent.

  5. Lorraine Deane

    I’m very happy with how this is helping my cat… He has had problems for a while now and has spent time in the vets… He seems much better now and haven’t had a problem since I started giving them to him..

  6. Mr P Hickey

    Have a stressed out cat put him on these and they seen to be making a difference. Hard to put down difference in behavior to these alone, you can’t exactly do an A B comparison, but worth trying out.

  7. Donnabella

    My agoraphobic 15 year old rescue cat started with stress incontinence /UTI’s when I brought a homeless cat in. She kept weeing on the sofa but stopped when she was on antibiotics, course finished and she started sofa-peeing again. Bought these and she’s been great. Ingredients are a lot better than repeated antibiotics (and cheaper!). Well recommend.

  8. Rachel G

    These are brilliant they are the same I was getting from the vets who was charging me £30.00 for 15 and the cat has never been so happy since hes been having these every night

  9. Smasherann

    I have now subscribed so that I don’t run out again. My cat was making a mess all over the house but once he had been having these regularly he stopped. I sprinkle the contents of the capsule on his food and mix it in and he has no problem with eating it all. Highly recommended for older cats with urinary problems.

  10. H Matten

    This product has helped to save my cat’s life! Seriously, he suffered from cystitis and crystals for a number of years, and we nearly lost him a year ago! I found this product and decided to try it, and he has had one every day since, opened and mixed in with his breakfast. He is now a healthy and active cat and has not had a single bout of his previous problem since! So thank you Broadreach for producing the product that helped save his life, and please don’t stop making it!

  11. Tash

    It works, my cat was suffering, but after administering this for 2 days to my cat Alina, I saw such a HUGE difference in her. I could see she was no longer uncomfortable. Highly recommended.

  12. Johna85

    Our male cat has been very poorly on two occassions with “stress” cystitis. Having done everything we can possibly think of to address this (extra litter tray, different water bowel, diet-recommended cat food) from time to time he still has the odd occasion where he seems to be straining and in discomfort. As soon as this happens we given him one of these tablets a day and normally no more than two days in a row and he’s right as rain. A much cheaper alternative than the tablets we originally had from the Vets.

  13. Marie-Christine Fauveau

    After being sent the full leaflet I consulted my vet to see if he felt this would be ok to try with my cat as my cat has recurrent bouts of cystitis. He agreed for us to try it, and it was like a miracle putting an end to my cat’s recurrent bouts. We have been using it for a year now and he is still free of these bouts.

  14. Dee Ramsay

    I have been giving my 10 year old cat these capsules daily for the past 2 years as the ones she was prescribed from the vets were no longer being manufactured. Made a huge difference to how she behaves now. She seems to enjoy them sprinkled in her food every morning.

  15. Susan Swaffer

    Tinkerbell is my dear little Tortoiseshell who turned up in a terrible state back in 2012, her ear’s were totally blocked with ear mites and wax which took two years to sort out. The vet was horrified and had never seen ears so blocked like that before, but I’m pleased to say she has fully recovered and is a real sweetheart although sometimes wary or just does not want to tolerate Teddy ( Big Tabby) who turned up in 2017. Once again he was not in the best condition and in full “Tom Cat Mode”!  With the help of “Bury Stray Cat’s” and a very kind lady called Christine (who also rescues cats kindly lent me a cat trap to get him caught), I managed to get him to “Bury Stray Cat’s” checked over by a vet and neutered back in 2019. He still unfortunately is a little nervous and possibly some of his male desires have remained?!  As I said some days are better than others but I am concerned Tinkerbell now possibly
    about ten years old sometimes gets a little distressed, so that’s why I have been giving her your “urinary care “ as I know stress can cause an issue with the bladder, as I said I like to act before issues happen and my vet Bill (“Ash Tree Vets” in Kennett Suffolk)  thought it could help and wouldn’t harm as your pills have calming ingredients also,
    which he was most impressed with.
    I am going to try “Relax and Calm” on both and will let you know how I get on. I have also tried “Pet Remedy” on Tinkerbell which possibly helped a little, but couldn’t get anywhere near Teddy with it, he picked up the smell straight away and ran off! I have tried putting it on bedding / on my hands so when he turns up I can just try and stroke some on him, but the little monkey knows and won’t let me near him!  Still I think it had a calming effect on me, although I can’t say it’s my favourite aroma!!

  16. Nicole King

    The effect in my cat is dramatic. She will be roaming around the house looking for somewhere to wee, howling all the while. Within five minutes of administering the glucosamine she’s completely relaxed again.

  17. Anon

    Thank you for your care of animals. I will definitely keep my babies on this medication, after a horrible battle with uti they seem to have recovered. I will maintain their health using this.

  18. Helen Dickinson

    Can not thank you enough for this amazing product. It has changed my young cat’s life. No more angry crying when urinating, no more growling when the other cats want to play. Can not praise this product enough.

  19. Pam Butler

    Took in a family of 3 cats, one was stressed. Mother (feral) and 2 kittens a few years back from foster parent who had to move and that upskittled them. The one who was stressed responded well to the U&C care and now won’t eat it on the new food but it did resolve the issue of weeing and the cat has settled so the calming element has worked.

  20. Sean Garner

    I would strongly recommend this product which I have been using for approximately 3 years for my cat Dexter who is now 10 years old who was a rescue cat.

    All symptoms went within a couple of days and with no more dry food and cat milk he has been perfect since.

  21. Claire Paterson

    Dexy (named after the serial killer Dexter Morgan in the series Dexter) as he used to disappear at 2130 for the night and I’m sure he was up to no good. Of course you may use any of the photos I have sent you or any of the photos my cousin Susan sent you.

    As you can see from the photos he’s so much calmer now. Thank you so much for all your advice. Dexy has tried the calming tablets, the urinary care tablets, the calming chews and the calming room spray. They have all been extremely effective. I think the best ones for Dex are the Urinary care especially as they are treating him too. He is nearly 7kg so I give him 2 a day.


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