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Relax and Calm Care

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50 capsules – can be given whole or opened and sprinkled into food (neutral flavour)
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New Advanced Veterinary formula which combines a specialist, concentrated natural range of  ingredients thought to support calming and reduce worry and instances of stress such as fireworks, loud noises, separation, worry travel, kennel stays, vets visits, grooming, show events and other stressful situations.


The ingredients include L-Tryptophan which are thought to increase levels of seratonin, L-Theanine , Calcium and Magneisum which are essential in supporting muscle function and nerve induction. Valerian extract and a range of B vitamins. Imbalances of these can lead to irritability and a predisposition to stress.

Using only human grade natural ingredients and manufactured in the UK in pharmaceutical grade facilities with GMP certification


For animals less than 10kg in body weight, give one capsule daily with meals. For each additional 10kg of body weight give an extra capsule or as recommended by your Vet. The total amount of capsules given per day can be split between morning and evening meals. Capsules can be given whole or opened and mixed with food.


L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root Powder, Vitamins B1, B3, B6, B9, B12
  1. Martine

    I have recently adopted four feral cats from london through a charity, I have one that is quite bold and two that willing to come out the cage but one is absolutely terrified of what had happened, being caught by people castrated micro-chipped etc and now been uprooted and now living on a farm in the beautiful New Forest, they have all been named harry wills charlotte and george, I saw these advertised and thought I would give it a go, the one that is so nervous we have nick named LSD as he really is so scared, I have had them two months now and the other three have come round to people quite well and taken to guarding the farm like dogs, personally i think they realise now how lucky they are that they have an idyllic life fields to roam, regular food being provided twice a day, cuddled and groomed, in return they need to keep the rats and mice away, they also have the option to catch rabbits pheasants but have rather taken to chasing deer. However the very nervous cat LSD will only come within a certain distance and stays out the way only makes an appearence when breakfast and dinner is put down he wont approach the food until you have moved away. I have decided to use these tablets by Broadreach Nature as they contain L-Tryptophan which can increase levels of serotonin,and L-Theanine which also works on a similar principle along with Valerian, well known for it’s calming properties and B vitamins which also help the nerves. I have been feeding him on these for about a week, but where it is hard to separate the four of them eating dinner, i am unsure how much he is actually taking in, but I have noticed he seems calmer when he comes out, i will update my review once I have completed the pot I understated that these pills will not make him into the lovable cat the others have become but if they make his life a little less stressful, then I am happy.

  2. Kathleen

    These tablets are just great! I’ve gone from an owner of a jumpy over excited Belgian Shepherd to being able to take my lovely girl out without the added stress of absolute zero recall. These tablets have made her relax and enjoy her surroundings rather than becoming over stimulated. Thanks Broadreach Nature + I will be back for more!!

  3. Dave n Linda

    I’m absolutely over the moon with these Broadreach Relax and Calm Care capsules, they have made such a difference to my little dog. I have 2 little dogs, one of them loves travelling in the car and the other one absolutely hates it, in fact he hates it so much he is actually sick when we undertake a car journey. I have tired all the usual remedies like just taking him on very short journeys and he is fine then but, if we are in the car for longer than around 10 to 15 minutes you can virtually see him turning “green around the gills”. I feel so sorry for him and it means we have a problem when we need to travel any distance. I was so excited when I was offed these Relax and Calm Care capsules as I am prepared to try anything to help him plus, these capsules are totally natural which is right up my street. I decided to try them out the day after I received them so that morning I emptied one of the capsules onto his breakfast. He wolfed it down so I can only assume that the capsule powder had no nasty taste. The next morning I gave him another capsule and then in the afternoon I decided to put the dogs in the car and go for a ride. I was anxious to see if the capsules worked. I travelled for around 20 minutes Then just checked to see if he was OK, he was so I went on for another 20 minutes and he was perfectly fine, no slobbering or lip licking or vomiting at all, he was so calm and laid back in fact I think he actually enjoyed the ride. I have no idea what spell they cast over these capsules when they made them but whatever it was it has certainly worked for my little boy. Thank you so much.

  4. Sue Tasker

    As a COAPE certified pet behaviourist and trainer, i very carefully select products that may be helpful to my clients. I have supplied a number of families and their pets with Broadreach Nature + relax and calm care products. It is having a positive effect on all of them, used in tandem with a bespoke behavioural modification programme.

  5. Liz Davies

    Hopefully the last order from us for these 2 Great Danes as this product has been marvelous in calming them down. We don’t want them to go out without it. Fabulous improvement over the 4 months they have been here. Very pleased to have had such great support from you. Many thanks Liz Davies Great Dane Charitable Trust

  6. Caroline Organ

    Seemed to make my dog less nervous.

  7. Dorota Smith

    The tablets were just as described in the write up. They have the correct anti anxiety effect on my excitable dog so he had a quiet afternoon playing with his toys and finding the pigs ears I had hidden away and he wasn’t bothered with the children coming home from school. Good product.

  8. Anne Clarke

    A Great price and a good product

  9. Gaenor Bailey

    These tablets so far have been amazing. My 4 year old Chihuahua had few mental problems. These tablets have helped tremendously, she rolling upside down, being really happy and wont’s to play great improvement hope it continues. This is also making me happy because she’s happy and more manageable. Definitely another order soon if this keeps up.

  10. Kate Osborn

    Fantastic product, does what it says, calmed our hyperactive cocker spaniel down now she is a joy to walk and much less anxious about everything.

  11. Liz Davies

    continuing with the tablets that shorten the Great Danes’ time here and relaxing them into their new environment. keep up the good work

  12. Liz Davies Hon Sec

    still has had the same remarkable effect on the frightened Great Danes that come here . An excellent product that works !! won’t be with out the product or the continuing support from all the staff especially Anne.

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