Digestive Care for Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens – 100g with 0.5g scoop

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Advanced Digestive Care. All Natural Pet Supplement.

100g powder with 5g scoop (approx. 200 scoops per pot) (neutral flavour)

For Dogs and Puppies, Cats and Kittens, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs from weaning age




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Digestive Care is an Advanced Mineral powder for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small furries ….Even humans!.  Give in small amounts – 2 – 4 times daily. Bentonite Clay can assist with the general maintenance and gut health of sensitive or overactive systems.    Comes with a handy 0.5g scoop which can to sprinkle over or mix in with food.

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No Additives, Preservatives or colourants with a neutral, natural flavour that is palatable to pets. For any age Pet from Puppies being weaned to very Elderly Pets. In most cases results appear from 24 to 96 hours.  Can also be used long term if needed as a daily maintenance in keeping stools firm and soothing the digestive tract.

Directions for Use:

Give 1 scoop twice daily or more if required. All Natural Ingredient – Bentonite Clay – helps to support sensitive or over reactive digestion in Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Easy to sprinkle on or mix in food, comes in 100g tub with scoop – 1 (0.5g) scoop = 5kgs in weight – Approx 200 scoops per pot

Please Note

If you notice any adverse reactions or deterioration in pets health discontinue use and contact your veterinary surgeon immediately. As with all supplementation, there may be a small chance of a negative reaction to any new supplement given, so please monitor this and follow the administrative guidelines.

Bentonite clay ingredient


Digestive Care’s all natural, veterinary formulation, is a great product. It has absorbing and soothing properties to help line the gut. And remember to use every day as a maintenance or given for a specific period. It is also fine for all ages from weaning upwards for any sensitive digestive issue.  It’s produced in pharmaceutical grade facility and uses using human grade ingredients with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) CertificationIt has no Additives, Preservatives or Colourants with a neutral, natural flavour that is palatable to petsUse these Probiotics from weaning age of around 4 weeks old upwards to and including senior cats and dogs.


And remember to keep stock of our Advanced formula Probiotics for dogs and cats.  This product is great for pets with over reactive digestive systems and generally sensitive stomachs. It is an advanced formula of probiotics for dogs and cats for overall gastrointestinal maintenance, gut health and vitality.
Our Broadreach Nature Advanced Probiotics come as a very tasty paste. Combining three key ingredients which may help maintain digestive efficiency by restoring the microflora and soothing the gut lining.
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  1. D.J.T

    It has been fantastic in helping my dog with his occasional sensitive stomach (he survived Parvo at 3 months old but it has caused come permanent stomach digestion sensitivity). We’ve previously tried a number of solutions with the guidance of our vets, however our dog is incredibly fussy and will generally avoid anything unusual in his food. Our dog has been taking this for over a week and the difference is impressive, too much info but his stools are much firmer which I’m very grateful for! The digestive support comes as a fine grey power which can easily be mixed into food and hidden if your pet is expert in avoidance!

  2. Pauline Presley

    One of my hounds has a sensitive stomach so I am careful as to what products she has. The other day I was disturbed to notice her poo had a thick coating of mucous. For those who find this subject off-putting let me assure you that checking your dog’s poo should be routine as it can tell you a great deal about their health. Knowing this particular hound is very nervous and gets stressed easily I wasn’t too worried but I wanted to sort her stomach before it went any further so I gave her the recommended amount of digestive care in her evening feed. To be totally honest I thought she would refuse to eat it however it all disappeared without a trace. The following morning I gave another amount in her breakfast and alter that day I was surprised to find her poo was completely normal. Not that I didn’t expect it to be better but I was pretty astounded to see the huge change in it. I normally use slippery elm as I hadn’t heard of bentonite but seeing such amazing results so quickly I Googled it and found this is a well known natural product with a great many benefits so I know what I shall be using in future. Not that slippery elm isn’t good, it is and is also natural but it doesn’t have the same immediate effect I found this did.

  3. DJS

    It has been fantastic in helping my dog with his occasional sensitive stomach (he survived Parvo at 3 months old but it has caused come permanent stomach digestion sensitivity).

  4. Gem Goulbourne

    I bought this product to help my cat Pogo for his sensitive digestion. It has indeed helped when given with pro-biotics. I thought it might be difficult to get him to eat his food once this fine powder clay was added but he did not blink an eyelid and ate as normal. I will continue to use it periodically to maintain his digestive health. This is well worth the money and will last for months on end as you only need very small amounts for each day according to your cat`s body weight.

  5. Issy

    I have tried everything for my eight year old jack russell over reactive digestion. I have to say on the third and fourth day his morning bowel movements where solid (the evening still loose) but for me this is a huge improvement because for the last three months he has had very sensitive digestion, but now he has been sleeping through. Therefore i recommend this product and rate it at five stars

  6. Joanne Early

    Product arrived bang on time and was as described. The seller answered a question I had about the product themselves which meant I could be certain I had the right answer. Product seems to work well too . Sent on 8th October

  7. Keith Mason

    Helped with firming up our dogs stools.

  8. Kayleigh Barnett

    I would like to say this product is simply Brilliant!

  9. Scarlett

    I bought this for my guinea pig when he was having tummy issues and it’s really helped him. The vet was pleased with his progress after using this.
    When it arrived I was disappointed by the size considering the cost but after digging out the scoop that was buried in the powder, I saw that such a small amount is needed, especially for a guinea pig, so this will last a very long time.
    It seems quite palatable and my piggy will happily eat this sprinkled on his veg.
    This is something I’ll always have handy in my animal medical kit and would recommend it.

  10. JM Earley

    Fabulous stuff worked absolute miracles on my very naughty kitten (steals human food – need I say more?) . Did take her to the vets just to be on the safe side but they were more than happy with me giving it to her along with live yogurt. I love the fact that it is a completely natural product and although developed by vets it is totally safe for all members of the household. The cat is now 100% back to normal

  11. ALB

    We are more than delighted with this product and are now life-long fans as our12 month old Patterdale is finally free of her many on-going digestive problems and bouncing with health. We highly recommend this food for all dogs everywhere. It’s easy to store and serve and highly appreciated by our dog who comes running at the mere sound of the packet being opened! Thank you!

  12. Tracy Case

    I have had a poorly dog for the past 8 years and when I say I have dealt with hundreds of companies, that is no exaggeration – I’ve dealt with vets, nutritionists and companies providing supplements, holistic medicines and remedies etc. I can honestly say I have never dealt with a company with such empathy and genuine support and care. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone who wishes to care for their animal. First class products, first class customer care!

    A huge than you Anne for all your support, care and emotional hand holding during a very difficult time in the final stages of Cali’s life – that was priceless.

  13. Debra Hayes

    I originally started buying it as I had a puppy with a very delicate tummy, but once he was on this product he was great and then I weaned him off this and we have never looked back. I buy it now to keep in the cupboard in case of an emergency. I bought it on this occasion as my 12 year old Cavie was a bit loose.

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