Vision Berry for Dogs and Cats, Puppies and Kittens – 100g powder

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New Product designed to support eye and vision health for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens

  • With Vis-Ease, A unique combination of phyto-chemical blend of natural herbs.
  • Veterinary Formulated and ethically produced
  • Award Winning Brand
  • Suitable for dogs and cats from 6 months of age.
  • 100 days supply based on a medium sized Dog up to 20kgs.



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Vision Berry Powder for Dogs and Cats, Puppies and Kittens from 6 months of age is a nutritional supplement supporting healthy eyes and vision.

Vision Berry is designed to specifically target eye health, to support patients with dry eye, inflammatory eye conditions, cataracts, degenerative eye disorders and age related. Backed by science and developed by veterinary experts.

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100g powder – 100 days supply based on a medium sized Dog up to 20kgs.

Vision Berry Powder can be used for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens. Mix powder with food. For cats and fussy dogs start with a pinch mixed with food and increase daily to reach full amount below.


feeding guide vision berry powder

Important: Avoid in pregnant animals and animals under 6 months of age. Avoid in animals with corn allergies due to traces of maltodextrin. Contains traces of naturally occurring sulphites.


Vision Berry Powder is also available as capsules – Find them here.


Vision Berry

Read Holly’s full story here on our blog.


“One of my Spaniels Leo has just turned 13 last week and after a couple of weeks using this product his eyes look so much brighter. It is so easy to use as I just sprinkle a small amount on his food. I would really recommend this product for eye health and brightness”  – Ruth Pickford



A unique combination of phyto chemical blend of natural herbs.


Supports healthy vision, particularly the retinas.


Contains polysaccharides that maintain corneal health and natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids.


Contains high levels of B vitamins and B glucans that favourably influence gut and overall animal health. A natural probiotic.


Reduces stress on eyes and maintains healthy sight. Provides anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects in dry eye conditions.


The most abundant amino acid in the retina.. Supports healthy optic nerve function.


Protects against diabetic induced cataracts.


Made in Great Britian


Our Vision Berry Capsules and other Vision Berry Products are developed and designed by Veterinary Experts and backed by science.





Weight .2 kg
  1. Ruth Pickford

    One of my Spaniels Leo has just turned 13 last week and after a couple of weeks using this product his eyes look so much brighter. It is so easy to use as I just sprinkle a small amount on his food. I would really recommend this product for eye health and brightness.

  2. amanda

    We have 2 rescue dogs so do not know for certain their history. One of them has ‘sleep’ in his eyes so thought we would try this. Having 2 dogs we opted for the powder as neither particularly like taking tablets of any sort and that has gone down fine. Within a couple of weeks the ‘sleep’ had lessened and after mentioning to the team they suggested giving slightly more to him.

    We have gone from cleaning eyes every day to maybe once or twice a week. Great product and great customer service!

  3. Graham & Sandra

    Back in September 2021, Holly had her Kennel Cough vaccine & the vet checked her over with no apparent problems. But from Late October we noticed that she seemed to be struggling to see things in poor light.
    In December 2021, Holly had her annual booster injections, so we asked the vet to check her eyesight. The vet diagnosed her as having cataracts, which she said wouldn’t be a problem for Holly and that she wouldn’t recommend any treatment for her.
    Holly’s sight didn’t seem to deteriorate much over the next few months but in March 2022 after a weekend of playing with young grandchildren & a lot of running about with their dogs, she woke up the next morning and couldn’t see where she was going, got stuck in the corner and was very distressed.
    We took her to the vet that morning where a different vet referred her to the Eye-Vet clinic near Runcorn. They did some tests and diagnosed Holly with Progressive Retinal Atrophy, possibly the sudden-onset type. They said Holly has no sight left in her Right eye, but some in her Left eye – she can detect shapes/shadows & movement a few yards away, particularly in strong light.
    The Clinic said that if she had been referred earlier they could have tried giving her anti-oxidants to slow the deterioration, but that there was no cure.
    Having read up online, we managed to buy some Ocuglo to try and preserve what sight she had left as long as possible, to help her adjust to her new circumstances. These seemed to have some beneficial effect, she seemed a bit happier although she didn’t move about as much as before.

    But we had difficulties obtaining supplies, importing from the USA, so in August 2022 we did further research for alternative products made in the UK. We came across Broadreach Nature online and ordered some Vision Berry capsules on 11th September. Almost immediately we noticed that she was livelier and moving around more. There also seemed to be some slight improvement in detecting movement. Over the next few weeks she carried on improving, she was following us around like she used to, going up and down stairs and jumping on the bed with more confidence. Her vision seems a bit better in bright light, noticing obstructions and closed doors better than before. Most days are good, but she seems worse after running about and playing a lot the previous day.

    She prefers the Vision Berry in powder form rather than capsules which she tends to spit out. The powder is easy to administer, as the tub comes with it’s own measuring scoop.
    Holly was in Kennels for 12 days, with a supply of capsules for convenience while we were on holiday. She missed a few doses & did a lot of running and playing with her doggy friends, so she was noticeably worse when we got back.
    She is now back on the powder which we have increased to 3 scoops a day for the moment – she weighs approx 35Kg. She soon improved back to where she was before our holiday and she is very lively & happy.

    We are very pleased with the results of using your product and seeing Holly so happy again.

    Best regards,

    Graham & Sandra

    Happy Holly

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